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Innovative Placements offers a wide range of services to meet your needs
Finding the perfect fit

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    Identify Potential Candidates

    Identify potential candidates from a diverse cross-section of participants referred through Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR) and New York State Commission for the Blind (NYSCB).

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    Evaluate Candidate Performance and Fit

    Evaluate candidates using Diagnostic Assessment results provided by Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors including performance, aptitude & personality tests (e.g. Valpar 2000 & Myers Briggs Type Indicator). 

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    Create Job Placement Plans and Goals

    Create an individualized Job Placement Plan, which establishes employment objectives in accordance with each job seeker's employment goal along with time-frames for completion. 

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    Computer Training to Advance Client Skills

    Advance client skills by enrolling them in a variety of computer training courses offered by Buffalo Employment and Training Center and other local One Stop Employment and Training Centers. Review of certificates obtained through computer training programs to assess mastery may suggest additional training as needed. 

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    Secure Background Checks and Reporting

    Secure Background Reports in circumstances where the need for a criminal background check is indicated. Note: Client drug screening is not currently part of the pre-screening process. 

Our Time-Tested Process
Job Readiness and Placement

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Execute Job Placement Plans

Execute The Job Placement Plan through weekly meetings and phone conversations with clients to further assess general skills and guide the expeditious implementation of the plan to achieve employment goals. This includes ongoing assessment of clients’ job search assignments and personalized job search checklist. The placement plan is revised as needed throughout the process. After hiring, regular reports on a client’s progress are provided to the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (VRC) and clients receive ongoing feedback. 

Preparedness Services for Job Seeking 

Offer Preparedness Services for job seeking including development of resumes and cover letters and verification of the accuracy of all content, securing letters of reference and verification of the accuracy of all content. Bi-weekly Job Club Workshops are provided as a forum for exchanging job hunting tips, strategies and leads as well as an additional evaluation tool for assessing clients’ interpersonal/group setting skills. 

Extensive Interview Coaching

Conduct Extensive Interview Coaching through intensive interview testing and assessment. Interview Coach Andrea Samra conducts at least one 2-hour session with each client to ensure interview preparedness. 

Facilitate Contact With Employers

Facilitate Contact With Employers by establishing ongoing relationships to identify hiring needs as a basis to recommend suitable job candidates, and to invite employer feedback. 

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Provide Information to Employers

Provide Information To Employers including Disability Awareness, Training Workshops and presentations for employer groups and community organizations in conjunction with the Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR) and the Commission for the New York State Commission for the Blind (NYSCB). Also, employers receive completed WOTC and WETC Tax Incentives or 9950 tax credit forms.  

Proven Success with Results
Offer Employer Incentives 

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    Work Try Out (WTO)

    A wage reimbursement incentive, which provides up to three months (maximum of 480 hours) reimbursement of the client’s gross wages to the employer with no obligation to retain the employee upon completion. 

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    On the Job Training (OJT)

    A six month reimbursement of gross wages in which the employer agrees to provide specific training to an otherwise qualified job candidate, and agrees to retain the employee at the completion of the program. The OJT can be used in conjunction with the Work Try Out (WTO) and WOTC/WETC. 

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    Adaptive Equipment Installation

    An on-site workplace assessment is available to participants and employers through coordination with the Center for Assistive Technology (CAT), ACCES-VR, and NYSCB to provide any necessary adaptive equipment, often at no charge to employers.

Our Battle-Tested Process
Follow Up

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    Provide Follow-up to Program Participant and Employer

    We provide follow up and when appropriate, job coaching services, during the first 90 days of each participant's employment including on and off-site consultations to assist in resolving any issues quickly and effectively. 

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    Provide On-Going Staffing Services

    Innovative Placements maintains a large pool of qualified job candidates and is able to well serve employers by developing and maintaining personal relationships to better understand employers’ staffing needs. 

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    Serve The Business Community 

    Serve the business community as a whole by developing, sponsoring or supporting career fairs, workforce readiness workshops, and networking opportunities that link employers with job seekers with disabilities. It is a particular goal of Innovative Placements to assist employers with fulfilling and enhancing their diversity-in-hiring objectives and initiatives 

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